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Etched Wine FAQ

Q:  What is "etching" exactly?

A:  Sandblasting. We sandblast and paint each bottle by hand in our Southern California facility.  Its a little artsy, fairly labor intensive, and very cool.

Q:  Why etched wine as gifts?

A:  They're the perfect gift!  Wines have always been used for ceremony and celebration.  They have been offered as gifts for thousands of years.  Personalizing them with beautifully handcrafted etching takes that gift to a whole new level.  When you take the time to create an etched wine, you create something personal, heartfelt, and made exclusively for the recipient.  That's a pretty soulful gift.

Q:  How long does it take?

A:  Most orders ship within 3 days from order date.  But we say 7-10 to allow for any unforeseen challenges.  Shipping transit is another 1-5 days.  So up to 13 days, max.  Please note, these are all BUSINESS days.

Q:  Why etchedwine.com specifically?

A:  We're the best at it.  At least we try to be.  We've been at this for 20 years, its a niche, and we've produced etched wines for pretty much every kind of project you can imagine.  We also own Miramonte Winery in Southern California; this makes us unique --- we own a winery and an etching company --- which gives us several advantages not realized by a simple etching company or winery.

Q:  What states do you ship to?

A:  Almost all of them. The only NON-ship states are AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, ND, MS, OK, PA, SD, UT, VT (and Puerto Rico).  However, we ship non-alcoholic products everywhere.

Q:  Do you ship internationally?

A:  Sometimes.  Typically only for corporate orders.  For example --- maybe, a global entity (company, celebrity, political figure) ships a few hundred etched wines to various companies, or high profile figures, to different addresses, in various countries, across several continents.  Something like that.  Interestingly, we have shipped to every continent on Earth -- including both the North and South poles.  Pretty crazy.  Shipping wines to other countries usually requires special knowledge.  Please feel free to call with any serious questions about such shipments.

Q:  What cool projects have you done? 

A:  Where to start.  World Series?  Superbowls?  Xbox launch?  Largest IPOs in history?  Our client list is awesomely cool and amazingly broad. We started with the Superbowl (true story) --- our first order was 20,000 souvenir bottles for Gallo Wines.  Admittedly, most orders are not that big!  However, we routinely etch wines for companies and events of all sizes, and for individuals celebrating just about anything you can imagine.  Notable company projects:  annual holiday gifting for nearly all the Fortune 500 companies at one time or another (Tech, Real Estate, Insurance, Banking, Finance, Automotive, Manufacturing).  Major sports events of all kinds, universities, movie studios, record companies, high ranking political figures.  Many golf clubs and tournaments. Satellite launches.  Movie openings.  Album drops.  World records.  IPOs.  Product launches. The Oscars. The Emmys.  Also, many celebrity merch programs (Rolling Stones, Madonna, KISS, Barbra Streisand, Bon Jovi, etc).  We also often do personal gifting for high profile clients --- like celebrity personal gifting, which is a unique process with sensitive requirements.  Lots of fun projects.  :)

Q:  What wines do you etch?

A:  We etch all brands.  All commercially available wines.  For most etching projects, we recommend starting with our house brand, Celebration Cellars.  These wines are great values for the money.  They are all very well-crafted California wines.  Generally speaking, our entry level wines offer excellent value, our Reserve wines offer significant jumps in quality.  Alternatively, if we do a full custom order for you (for example a corporate logo order), we can etch any other brand you prefer.  Our Customer Service team can help you select a great brand to best suit your needs.

Q:  What are your house wines like?

A:  Great values!  Our entry level wines for etch projects are called the Celebration Cellars, Coastal Collection.  They'd normally retail in the $15 range, unetched.  Our house Reserve wines for etch projects are Celebration Cellars, Reserve Collection.  They would typically retail in the $20-25 range, unetched.  All the grapes are sourced from highly-regarded vineyards, mostly in the California's Central Coast region.  In the case of our Reserve wines, the grapes are more carefully selected, the wines aged in more premium French and American Oak.  We know and love wines.  We bring that knowledge to bear in all our house wine selections.  Miramonte Winery wines are different from these.

Q:  Do you etch Miramonte wines?

A:  We sometimes etch them, but only by special request.  Miramonte wines are high end, luxury-artisan wines.  Most of them are sold direct to the public in our Southern California tasting room, mostly to our exclusive wine club.  We sell out every year.  Not many get etched.

Q:  Do you etch anything else?

A:  Yes!  Lots of spirits, some beer and various liquors.  We also often etch waters, oils, vinegars.  We sometimes etch empty bottles for various projects.  If you have questions about products other than wines, please free to give us a call, we're toll free:  1-800-818-8138. 

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