Extreme Weather Warning:

Ground Shipments Not Recommended to Some States


Extreme Weather Warning

We ship all orders in protective packaging designed to help ensure safe delivery.  For the vast majority of shipments, these shippers perfectly protect wines from typical temperature swings.  However, very extreme weather is still an occasional risk to some wine shipments. 

    • Don't Ship Ground.  We cannot guarantee timely Ground delivery to areas experiencing Extreme Weather Warnings.  If you are shipping to an area with such a warning, we recommend shipping 3-Day or better as the safest option.  We don't make an additional profit on expedited shipping, but we commonly recommend at least 3-Day simply because its the safest approach.
    • Ship to a Business whenever possible.  This helps ensure an adult is there to sign on the first delivery attempt.

Extreme Weather Shipping Schedule

During periods of extreme weather, we often hold or otherwise modify shipments to best ensure safe delivery.  This is because we always want your order moving, and/or delivered by Friday, and/or on its first delivery attempt.  We do not want it sitting in an extremely cold truck, train car, or warehouse over the weekend.  If your order is going to an area that is experiencing an Extreme Weather Warning, we could conceivably hold it up to 5 days in some circumstances, based on the following shipping policy.  This schedule applies only to areas of Extreme Weather Warnings:

    • Ground Ships on Fridays.  We do not recommend Ground shipments to areas of Extreme Weather Warnings, as we cannot guarantee safe delivery.  But if you've selected it, these orders ship on Fridays to help ensure delivery by the following Friday.
    • 3-Days ship by Tuesday. We attempt to ship all 3-Day orders by Tuesdays.
    • 2-Days ship by Wednesday. We attempt to ship all 2-Day orders by Wednesdays.
    • Next Days ship by Thursday. We attempt to ship all Next Day orders by Thursdays.
    • Gift Boxed Orders.  When shipping into extreme weather, we may occasionally opt to package etched wines in special packaging to protect them from cold. In those cases, gift boxes will be packaged in the same box but separately. 
    • Holiday Exceptions:  Mid-week holidays can cause slight delays. Example: we will do our best not ship a 2-Day delivery the day before Thanksgiving if it means your order will sit in a NY warehouse overnight.
We reserve the right to make these discretionary shipping decisions for you for Extreme Weather Warning areas.  However, we ALWAYS try to get your shipments there on time and in perfect condition.  Our wines and etched wines are gorgeous.  We want you and the recipients to be happy and enjoy them 100%!  If you have any questions at any time, please call us toll free at 1-800-818-8138